Alice Maples Coaching

Holistic Wellness Coach

Alice Maples, Holistic Wellness Coach, offers in Specialty Personal Training and dynamic in-person classes. 


Specialized Personal training

Alice Maples Coaching designs intricate, dynamic and interesting fitness programs to serve her high profile clients in Los Angeles.  

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VIP Personal Training

Alice Maples Coaching's VIP Personal Training serves the Elite Influencers, Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, and Celebrities of Los Angeles. Through comprehensive modalities of resistance training, yoga, meditation, swimming, nutrition and more- -clients reach their goals and maintain dynamic lifestyles all while experiencing numerous benefits including but not limited to: improved focus, elevated mood, increased muscle strength, boosted energy and decreased stressed.  


Pre/Post Rehabilitation

Before, during and soon after physical therapy most individuals find themselves frustrated with limitations sustained from environmental stress and acute injuries. AMC facilitates the transition from your "injured state" to Complete Wellness by implementing a highly personalized training program to suit your needs, desires and lifestyle. 

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Silver Fox Training (65+ Years Old)

Some say "Seniors" but Alice says "Silver Foxes!"  Alice's Silver Fox's experience increased bone density, improved strength, improved balance, more efficient cardiovascular fitness and a happier disposition. If you love your mom or dad, sign them up to train with Alice.


Pre-Post Natal 

Hoping to get pregnant? Already pregnant? Recovering from pregnancy? Alice safely assists you through you through your fitness journey as a new mother!