Alice Maples Coaching

Holistic Wellness Coach

Alice Maples, Holistic Wellness Coach, offers in Specialty Personal Training and dynamic in-person classes. 

Alice Maples Profile

It all started…

When I was but a wee little child, I always knew that I wanted to heal people for a living.  So obviously I thought Doctor! I carried around my Fisher-Price Doctor’s kit around with me to save the day when necessary!


Following my dream I began volunteering in hospitals as soon as I could and went on to intern in college in health clinics around the world. I also had quite a bit of experience myself as a patient, in high school I was hit hard with crippling depression, chronic fatigue, and my immune system was low from chronic environmental stressors.  I discovered that my visits to the doctor were not helping! Doctors were rushed and would try to push pills, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-biotics...always treating the symptom, but never addressing the cause.


When I interned and volunteered in the clinics and hospitals I noticed a similar pattern.  People would come in sick and would leave with pills. This is not the life I envisioned. I envisioned a career where I promoted optimal wellness, not maintained chronic illness.


This had a profound impact on my life's trajectory.  I realized that although doctors have an important and necessary role in the world, I chose a different path. Dynamic wellness promotion, education and coaching. I now live the life of my dreams inspiring my amazing clients and students to achieve their wellness and lifestyle goals!


What are your goals!?


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